Jason C#

Programming Projects

Below I have some examples of what I've done on the programming side. On the top left you can see I have a dev diary for a passion project I'm working on. On the top right is a trailer for a game demo I made and did all the programming for by scratch. And finally at the bottom a pipe mini game I made that involves dragging and dropping a pipe into position and you pass if you get the pipes correct. As a note in the pipe mini game display, I made the code but the only models I made where the pipes themselves, the other models have been made by other students in this project.

3D Modelling History

I have an Advanced Diploma in Game Art. Below are a few examples of 3D models and assets I've created. There is a small diorama based off Dark Souls, I am particular happy with this one. A small pallet for a forklift in a stylized design. Up next is a stylized log, I think the texture could use some work, but I'm still rather proud of how it turned out. Finally I have some modular industrial pipes, these can connect in to each other to make any pipe layout. This one doesn't have a texture but it was more about the modular side of modelling. These were all modeled and textured by me. I will upload other work I've done as time goes on.

About Me

I have been programming for over 4 years now. I have spent 100s-1000s of hours in my free time learning to code through YouTube, Unity forums and Unity API. I love programming and would love to actually work in programming for games one day. A good start I believe is Unity Asset Store assets so I am going to work on this for a while. I am currently working on an AI passion project just to have a bit of fun with creating my own AI.

I also own an Advanced Diploma in Screen and Media Specializing in Game Art and create 3D assets. I have over 5 years experience in using Maya to create 3D models. The Adv Dip was a total of 2 years to obtain and focused and making game ready assets and environments. I plan on making assets to sell on stores and making assets for people being paid on a per asset basis.

My Software


Unreal Engine

Autodesk Maya

Adobe Photoshop

Visual Studio

This 2D starter pack has the essentials to start making a 2D game. Including movement, damage system, loading new scenes and more.

Unity Asset Store

I now have 2 assets up on the Unity asset store. I plan on making many more in the future. For now checkout the 2 I currently have on there and I hope they help you. I also plan on having 3D asset packs, for both Unity Asset Store and the Unreal Asset Store. The Unreal Asset Store will get its own section once I get my first asset pack approved.

This pack will allow you to add DoTs to any project. Includes instructions on how to use with your own health system. Can be used for 2D and 3D for triggers and non-triggers

3D Stylized Medieval Weapons Pack

My 3D stylized weapons pack is currently available on the Art Station marketplace.

(Clicking the image will take you to the Art Station Marketplace page)

Other Assets

Smart Phone

Looking into the future

I have the equipment and software I need now so I will be working on making 3D assets for games. I will create them for ArtStation and whenever someone needs it I will make assets for game developers who are willing to pay me per asset.

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